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Apply To Become The Next Mister Teen Singapore

Become the Best Version of You 


When you’re competing at the Mister Teen Singapore pageant, the Mister International community will help give you leverage in your endeavors. Become 1 of the approximately 1,000 men who participate in our programs annually who affects positive change personally, professionally and philanthropically as inspirational leaders and role models.


We cultivate a global community of accomplished men through our programs, which offer the next generation of male leaders opportunities to realize their full potential.


Through our global network of resources, young men learn to:

Be civically-minded and give back in their communities

Discover their passions and pursue them without fear

Develop their unique points of view and how to articulate those opinions

Support each other and create a grassroots brotherhood committed to empowering each other and their communities in a world that can seem increasingly isolating

Learn grooming, health and wellness tools that enhance their self-confidence

Here’s how the Mister Teen Singapore competition process works:

After you apply and are accepted for the Mister Teen Singapore pageant, you will receive the registration materials to officially register to enter the pageant. During the casting, you will participate in the categories of activewear, fashion wear, and interview. If you take home the Mister Teen Singapore title, not only will you have a year full of philanthropic and professional opportunities, but you will also go on to represent Singapore at the Mister Global Teen pageant.

We celebrate handsomeness, all forms of it, and provide the tools that help men to feel their most handsome, ’Distinctively Handsome.’

Mister Teen Singapore Initial Application

To become a contestant in the Mister Teen Singapore pageant, submit the information below and attach 3 of your latest photos (head to shoulder; head to toe; and head to toe in activewear) to begin the application process.




You are a male (recognized medically and legally); have never been married or had a marriage annulled, have never fathered a child, and not a parent; a Singapore citizen for at least 6 months prior to the pageant; and at least 14 and under 19 years old age by January 1 in the year you hope to compete in the Mister Teen Singapore pageant. Performing talent is NOT a requirement.




You will need an activewear, and a fashion wear appropriate for a television interview or press conference. Once you are a registered contestant, any and all questions regarding wardrobe appropriateness can be directed to the Wardrobe Department.

For issues with this form, or questions about the process, please email

First and Last Name




Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

When will you be enlisted for national service?

*Parental or guardian consent is required if you are under 18 years of age.