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Video Production

Oxin Films is a full service video production company. The team applies their expertise in planning, creative, production, and post-production. Oxin Films specializes in all digital media such as corporate videos, commercials, viral videos, music videos, and has produced several films locally and in the international scene with quality picture and unique concepts.


Professional photography services by maestro lensman Raymond Saldana.


Official Sponsor of Mister International, Raenrra features EXCLUSIVE swimwear collection dedicated to the world's most famous men’s pageant. Be sure to see the most handsome men in the world unveil the collection during the swimwear competition. And you? Follow Raenrra to discover all styles for Mister International Collection and pick the best for you!

Hair Salon

Hairloom [Coiffeur à la mode] Literally: hairstylist that's in fashion, up to date. And that's what Hairloom is - constantly crafting looks for you that's modern and of the moment, all the while expressing the unique individual that you are.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the most handsome quality a man can possess and www.BeautyHealthAge.com makes it easier for a man to feel Distinctively Handsome. Read articles and get advice on men’s health, muscle and fitness, and weight loss diets for the modern day man on the go. Also included are useful information on antiaging and reverse aging.


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