2019 Mister Singapore


2019 Mister Singapore Pageant 

Singapore - August 8, 2019 - Aqbal Razak was named Mister Singapore 2019 and became the third man from Woodlands to hold the honor. He will go on to compete at the Mister International Competition.

Aqbar Razak is a self-employed videographer that co-owns a video production company with three friends. He was a former cabin crew who decided to pursue his interests in video productions. This 27-year-old is also a former firefighter, having competed a Section Commander course during national service. Additionally, he was trained in Capoeira martial arts. Aqbar was born to a Malay-Indian father and Chinese mother that is evident in his exotic good looks. He is self-disciplined and time-efficient and credits this good trait to his upbringing from young.

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