2015 Mister Singapore


2015 Mister Singapore Pageant

Singapore - August 28, 2015 - 28-year-old Edwin Aw was named Mister Singapore 2015 and became the first man representing Pasir Ris to bring home the title. Edwin was chosen by a panel of Mister International Organization executives that recognized the confidence Edwin displayed as he carried himself during the special ceremony.

It is hard to imagine that childhood did not come easy for Edwin, who stands at 1.86m tall, as he was often picked upon and bullied by the bigger kids in Pasir Ris. Despite the constant bullying, Edwin kept busy by focusing on his studies and allocating any spare time to fitness training. This focus of training was something that Edwin had been avid about and a subject that encouraged him to become a certified personal trainer. As a fitness team leader, Edwin became increasingly more interested in issues that raise awareness on healthy lifestyle in the gym — and in our country — which inspired him to  build a platform  for topics he is passionate about.

Throughout the last two years, Edwin has become more involved in the fitness industry in Singapore by competing in physique bodybuilding competitions. He was placed third in a recent physique competition. Besides fitness training, he was also trained in Muay Thai. Edwin claims, ”I have always been interested in fitness training as it drives my adrenaline and keep me driven with my goals in life. I hope to encourage more people to recognize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by cultivating good eating habits and regular exercises. And of course I hope to emulate the success of my idol, Ryan Terry, who incidentally was Mister International 2010!”  

Edwin has also stepped into the world of modeling. He recently did a campaign for a sunless tanning company.

A lover of traveling, Edwin is passionate about the cultures of the world. He lists Italy as one of his favorite countries because of its magnificent heritage. When he isn’t traveling, you can most likely find the gentle giant at home catching up with loved ones.​​

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