The Mister International Organization is a global, inclusive organization that celebrates men of all cultures and backgrounds and empowers them to realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success.

Mister International and Mister Singapore provide the approximately 1,000 men who participate annually an international platform to effect positive change personally, professionally and philanthropically as inspirational leaders and role models.



The Mister International Organization empowers men to realize their ambition and build self-confidence, acting as a catalyst for future success. The Mister International Organization community is a brotherhood that is committed to uplifting and empowering one another.



The contestants and titleholders that have participated in the Mister International Organization system are able to cultivate their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals. These men are forward thinking and motivated to not just talk about change, but to initiate it.



One of the obstacles for men to overcome in reaching their potential is a lack of self-confidence. By developing self-confidence through the Mister International Organization experiences, men have gone onto high-profile careers in government, business, finance, broadcasting and entertainment.



The Mister International Organization prioritizes the importance of being involved and giving back through a dedicated international platform of charitable partnerships. As leaders and role models within their communities, our contestants and titleholders affect positive change through volunteering, fundraising and advocacy.



Having a healthy lifestyle is part of a lifestyle now. Mister International is a passionate activist engaged in influencing people on the importance of eating right and exercising regularly, and hopes to​ be an example to people to embrace their most authentic selves instead of conforming to a certain body type.


As an advocate for children, Mister International hopes that we can build a world that is accepting for all children. He is using his voice as Mister International to encourage people to “take up space” and hopes to bring more voices together to make change across the world by alleviating hunger and school supplies.


Mister International will be celebrating its 15th edition, and as part of our commemoration, Mister International Goes Senior! Mister Senior International is a first-of-its-kind worldwide search for an iconic man aged 35-45 who will lend his voice to help those in need; and be a spokesperson for the Mister International Organization. If you always wanted to be a part of the Mister International program, this is YOUR chance to celebrate what makes you a leader. More info coming soon.


*This is a special presentation and not an annual event.

After Mister International is crowned, he becomes an instant celebrity. In some countries, pageant winners are regarded as national hero. This unique position allows him to be a life coach and trendsetter, striving every day to set an exemplary example for the community especially the young men and women.